From idea to implementation

Hi, I am Jeroen van Kooten, the concept consigliere, let’s create the future together with sustainable and circular products and services.

Award winning concepts

Since 2014 I’ve been involved with non profits, commercial businesses, and competing in several innovation games and concept design competitions.

Future proof
When designing a new concept, I always think about the impact it will have, on the environment and the social impact.
Diverse network
With access to a broad multi-disciplined network I have strong ties within several industries. From fashion to waste management.

About me:

Most of my experience was gained though working in several different industries, and I love that, not just dead set on one specific field, but a larger, and more global view.
Industries I have experience in:

  • Fashion
  • Denim
  • Textile
  • NGO’s
  • Government
  • Waste management

Want to work together on a project related to one of these, or cross several industries? Let me know!