About me and how it works

Design and implementation of sustainable and circular concepts, that is what The Concept Consigliere stands for.

A member of a Mafia family who serves as an adviser to the leader and resolves disputes within the family.
An idea or invention to help sell or publicize a commodity.
“a new concept in corporate hospitality”

The Concept Consigliere
A consultant who advises and works together with the board or owner of a company to create and implement concepts and new products.

Where other consultants work on a project and give a presentation about their results, The Concept Consigliere goes a step further and stays involved with the implementation of the concept within the company or checks in once in a while to see if the teams stay on course.

Jeroen van Kooten, The Concept Consigliere

In 2017 I won the Circular Innovation Games and decided that my future was within the sustainability, innovation and circular economy. Working together with companies towards a better and brighter future.

The idea behind The Concept Consigliere started during the innovation games where companies presented their challenges, either to make the company/product more sustainable or that they see a change within their industry and want to become more future proof.

But instead of just giving the company the solution and wishing them luck on making this change happen, The Concept Consigliere works together with the board/owner or involved teams of the company to also implement this solution within the company.

By directly positioning me under the CEO or within several teams, I can effectively position myself as a project manager. Motivate the team, remove obstacles, facilitate commitment and productivity.

Step 1: First let’s grab a cup of coffee. No good business story started with “I took a sip of my water”. During the coffee we get to know each other and see if we are a good match.

Step 2: I will make a deep dive into your organization and the industry you reside in. Depending on what is found I will do a small transparency inquiry and see if I can find the same things that you have told me, or if I find something else.

Step 3: Now we can create a team, this can consist of people from your company or people from within my network. Depending on what the findings have been we will select the right people fit for the issues at hand.

Step 4: With our new team we start with creative ideation sessions and search for methods for a solution. With the findings in mind we work on finding or making a solution. This can be many shapes and forms.

Step 5: With all the input from the team we concretize to create a fitting concept and solution to the issue.

Step 6: After a presentation of our concept, we can start implementing this into the company to make it future proof.

During this whole process we will always keep in mind: innovation, sustainability and the circular economy.