Albert Heijn ANTI hoarding campaign concept

What supermarkets could do to prevent people hoarding supplies and keep the pressure off personal, stores and shortages.

Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about the whole supermarket hoarding problem that exists since the COVID-19 pandemic started. And how this creates pressure on personnel, stores, shortages and how it excludes some people from getting the groceries they actually need.

So we started thinking and our first idea was to just set a maximum to what and how many products consumers can buy, but we came to the easy conclusion that this wouldn’t be a very smart move, and no supermarket would want to implement this due to revenue loss. So we went further in our thought experiment to find ways on how a supermarket would be more willing to implement limitations on consumers while trying to limit revenue losses.

We took Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn as our “client” (Note: this is not sponsored in any way and we hope that Albert Heijn is cool enough to let us use their “Hamsteren” concept and imagery to show this concept in a more visual way). We created the following concept by taking some initiatives from other countries where there are limitations on the number of products per consumer. In order to still have nice offers on products, and not having people buy more than what they actually need, we created meal packages.

The meal packages work in this way: every week there will be a selection of 5+ meals that consist of either healthy, easy to preserve or from the “Allerhande” (a magazine from AH with recipes and other articles). To help people with buying their weeks’ worth of food, all recipes have ingredients that match with other recipes. At the end of the week, all or most of the ingredients will have been used.

I had a lot of fun doing this concept and was honestly laughing about the little face masks and stuff, so I made a special AH face mask for the people that are working at AH to stay safe.

Stay safe everybody, stay inside and if you have to go outside for work or groceries, make sure to keep your distance and try to help the people around you.

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