With great clients comes great responsibility

Laura Nygren: Laura is a talented double bass player and a master-student at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. For her master thesis, she wants to make a glove that can digitally alter the sound and visuals while she’s playing. She certainly has the skills to make the digital and electronic part of the glove but lacks the skills to make a physicall glove. So that is where we come in, we have the know how to develop the glove and together with Laura, who supplies the electronics, we will make the glove.

Mielo Melo: Together with Mielo Melo we are using the latest 3D scanning technology to design and develop denim jeans for woman with extra curves. Mielo Melo came with the concept and asked us to design and develop the jeans.

Studio Warschau: With Studio Warschau, run by Arnoud Warschauer, we have a long-standing arrangement of developing products and concepts together. If one of us has a crazy idea we try to see if we can produce it, or at least develop it into a strong concept. Some projects end as just ideas and some as prototypes, others end up as actual products.

House of Denim: During the third year of the fashion design education of Jeroen van Kooten, his class was asked to participate in the pilot program for the Jeanschool, here he met James Veenhoff, who, after the completion of the pilot, asked him to become the ambassador for House of Denim. Here he helped run the stand at Mode Fabriek, accompanied the dutch delegation for the 400 years of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey and helped during presentations.

Fynn Collections: For Fynn Collections we helped develop a denim inspired wellness collection and made a concept robe which was shown during presentations.