Research and company visits


Hi guys, here’s a bit of an update about what we are doing.

First off is the research we are setting up. Some of you might know, that we are working on a research project into the modern cotton plantations. Together with a photographer we want to visit several plantations in America, China, and India. We want to create an image about what is actually going on, not just the bad part of the whole story, but also the positive and good part of the story. So not only about forced labour but also about the modernisation of the process. For instance, in America, manual labour is being replaced by machines. This is possible there because the plantations get funding from the government, which also contributes to a lower cotton price in America. But the interesting part is: why do most American fabric manufacturers use a combination of imported cotton and not just all-American fabric. In China, for instance, it is a whole other story: there is no funding from the government and most of the labour is being done by hand. Also, because American cotton is cheaper, the government have a cotton-quota for companies. With this research project, we hope to investigate the current business going on at plantations and try to make a solid enough vision of what is going on.


Second up is company visits! This week Jeroen visited i-did_slow fashion_movement, a company that believes in a social and circular society. They reuse, for instance, company clothing from KLM. They developed a felt that’s never the same, which was very visible in the bags they make. No bag had the same pattern, some had more blue and others had more white parts in the fabric. I had a very interesting and inspiring chat with co-owner Michiel Dekkers. Personally, I really enjoy visits like these, talking with like minded people and recognition that your working on the right path. As a parting gift, I got a laptop sleeve made from the KLM blue felt. It has a small glitter of golden thread in it which really speaks to the imagination. Was it part of a captain’s uniform? How many miles did this piece of felt collectively travel? Very nice concept and they are doing extremely well!


Last of all: Were still working hard on finding funding for the project. We hope to get it through a fund, but we are also looking into crowdfunding as a possibility. If you have any ideas about this subject, please shoot us an email, all help is welcome!


Got any remarks or questions about this news update, leave a message on the contact page.

New website!

Hi guys, welcome to our new website, hope you like it and if you have any questions about what we are doing please leave a message.website_launch