Albert Heijn ANTI hoarding campaign concept

What supermarkets could do to prevent people hoarding supplies and keep the pressure off personal, stores and shortages. Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about the whole supermarket hoarding problem that exists since the COVID-19 pandemic started. And how this creates pressure on personnel, stores, shortages and how it excludes some people from gettingContinue reading “Albert Heijn ANTI hoarding campaign concept”


Hi, thank you for visiting this page about our new project CLOO.At the moment we are still connecting the dots on this project so please stay tuned. Like us on Facebook for the mean time.

#NordicTalks 2020

From waste to resource 3rd of feb 2020, the first day of the circular economy week. Today Frans Timmermans talked in Den Haag about the circular economy and at #nordictalks we took the talks to another level from several speakers from Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands about the latest developments within the circular economy. WeContinue reading “#NordicTalks 2020”

USSF remake

We all have seen the presentation from the United States and the new uniform of the Space Force. And I WISH there were trees in space, because I would love to have one, but the reality is a bit different. This sparked my imagination and I started designing a whole new logo for the SpaceContinue reading “USSF remake”

The Concept Consigliere

Last year I went to a very interesting and inspiring workshop from The Humblebrag. The workshop was about purposeful positioning and thought leadership. During this workshop I noticed that what I was doing with my company was not very much reflected on what I was actually doing. So I started working on The Concept Consigliere,Continue reading “The Concept Consigliere”